Chapter 02

the craft

We are book lovers, passionate craft makers and storytellers

Our crafting process

Our work is exclusively manual and require time and patience. Every illustration is carefully hand-drawn, we bind every book by hand, every packaging is crafted by us with its own style.

We manage everything from A to Z, from the draft to the delivery at your door. We work hard everyday to provide you with books and stories that will be an 100% customised

You too, are part of the process from A to Z, we believe that the best book design requires communication, careful choices, and trust in the professionals you are collaborating with. We provide our experience and expertise in all stages of editing, book design, cover design, binding and packaging.

“Books remain the best method of preservation”

Library of Congress

Illustrations and sketches

Put your story in the hand of the artist to create a set of illustrations that will capture the specialness of it. Each artist has its own style and have the artistic eye to decide which frame and colour of the illustrations will best represent your story.

We pay attention to the quality of each illustrations, from the colour to the recognisable details. We work with the best quality printer in which we trust and have worked several times in the past.


The layout will be adapted to the chosen size of your book. We believe that the best layout is the ones that aren’t obstructing the story and illustrations. That is why we like to keep our layouts simple with a good balance between content and white space.


From saddle stitch binding to case bound, we carefully choose the binding that will provide the best results and longevity. Everything is done by craftsmen and women who are experts in hardcovers, embossing and sewing. We recommend two types of book binding which will ensure the longevity of your book. Depending on the number of pages and the effect you wish to achieve, we can discuss further options.

"Having a record of the past can make a great contribution to the quality of life.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Each collection, has a defined gift box that is adapted to its content. Every box is handmade and personalised with both of your names and monogram if it is included in the collection you purchased. Boxes are made with recycled cardboard as much as possible.


After submitting your story, we will pass it on to our copywriter who will give it a shiny and professional look. You will be working further with her to make sure there is no missing details and that the tone of voice is right.

Chapter 03

The designer

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