Chapter 03

the designer

VisualStoriesCo is made by dreamers for dreamers

Emotions lies on paper

When I was a kid, I turned water into elixir. I bought 5 little bottles of water, re-designed the labels, and gave them as gifts to my family. A simple bottle of water became a precious elixir that brought them youth, love, wealth and happiness. It is that passion for craft, design and storytelling that shaped my career.

A designer in a digital world

As a designer, when the digital world took over, I had to leave most of my craft skills and handmade creations behind me. After attending design school I held several jobs in the digital industry, yet I felt that I needed to go back to my original motivation: spreading happiness through experimenting, playing and imagining beautiful stories that I can also carry into the physical world.

After a while, my passion for books, illustration, and visual storytelling took over and led me to create the project of VisualStoriesCo.

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island"

 Walt Disney

Why VisualStoriesCo

With VisualStoriesCo, I aimed to craft gift for everyone, not just my family. I grew up in a house filled of thousand books, from novels to design theories and I learned to appreciate this object that is now being replaced digitally. It became obvious after creating the book for my friend’s wedding, that I had to focus on the book as an object.


I wish VisualStoriesCo to grow with more illustrators and copy-writers to be able to provide an even more personalised gift to our customers.


If you are an illustrator or copy-writer interested to participate to this project, please reach out, I will be happy to explore opportunities for you to work with us.

If you wish to spread the word about our project and need more information, we would love to answer any questions you might have.

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the beginning of a brand

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5% of your purchase is given to WWF

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