Chapter 01

the beginning of a brand

We are a small company with big dreams.

Once upon a time...

In August 2015, in Shanghai, one of my best-friend got engaged. With a friend, we wanted to give her something very personal and well crafted. We joined our strength to create a fairy tale based on their love story. From the book binding to the illustrations and the copy writing, everything was tailored to immortalise their love story.

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"Inspired by "The notebook" from Nicolas Spark, we wanted to show that every love story deserves a book of its own."

After seeing how positively received the gift was by the bride and groom and how fascinated the guest were, we thought that everyone deserved to have their love story written. We offered our services to other friends who wished to have this timeless and incredible moment, usually living solely in the memory of the lovers, brought to life in a book.

"In a world focused on digital still remains the book lovers"

At VisualStoriesCo we are deeply in love with books as an object. This feeling of running your hand over the cover, caressing the embossing logos, smelling the paper of the pages, admiring the way the words and images flows onto the pages; it is thrilling and it is what we want to create for you.

What we believe in at VisualStoriesCo

"Having a tangible product from your relationship is a wise investment for your memories"

At VisualStoriesCo we are the romantic ones, the comit-for-life kinda person. We truly believe that long term, deep intimate connection with your partner is worth celebrating. We want to give a legendary aspect to your story and create an heirloom to pass on for generation.

We believe in big adventures, love forever and the power of storytelling.

We believe that the story of how two person fell in love is one of the most unique moment that make each couple special. We want to bring back to life those warm memories of the way you and your lover met in a form that will always be useable and viewable.

Our commitment at VisualStoriesCo

We cherish and respect the environment

We are committed to produce books with no negative impact on the environment. From the packagings to our craft process, we make sure we do our best to up-cycle and recycle as much materials as possible.

Along with the exceptional stories, it is also what makes the uniqueness of each book we create. Additionally, we strive to create products of quality that will stand the test of time.

We take action for our world

Additionally to doing our best to respect the environment, we believe in supporting association which has more power of impact than us. We give 3% of every purchases to WWF.

Chapter 02

the craft

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